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Dame Pattie


Class:International 12 Metre Rule: Third metre rule (AC)
Sail no:KC87Home port:Page Point Inn Marina, Oyster Harbor, BC, Vancouver Is.
Year designed:1966Country:Canada
Year built:1966Current Status:For Sale: (Charter boat)
Designed by:Warwick J Hood
Built by:W H Barnet, McMahons Point, NSW , Australia

Rig: d/k
Construction: Wood, diesel


Specify units
LOA:65ft 0inDisplacement:34.43tons
LWL:48ft 84inTrim tab:d/k
Beam:12ft 24inWings on keel:d/k
Draft:11ft 6inL (Measured):d/k
Luff (A) IRC (P):d/kDate of last measurement certificate:d/k
Fore triangle (J):d/kMeasurer:d/k
Foot (B) IRC (E):d/kIRC Rating:d/k
Sail area:1500ft2sq.m.n year:d/k


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Year acquired: 1999; Current owner: Not displayed

Year: 1989; Previous name: Endless Summer; Previous sail no: KA2; Previous owner: Lawrence Lambert ;Previous location: Page Point Inn Marina, Oyster Harbor, BC, Canada
Year: 1966; Previous sail no: KA2; Previous owner: The America's Cup Challenge Syndicate (Emil Christensen) ;Previous location: Sydney, Australia

Restorations & Modifications:

YearName, Address of restorerDetails
 Mark Wallace Shipwright 


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The Dame Pattie was a successful challenger for the 1967 Americas Cup, lost against the American defender Intrepid, New York Yacht Club. Designed for light airs typical off Rhode Island Sound, USA...unfortunately experienced heavy airs; cotton sails were not the match for the new USA Dupont Dacron technology.
The hull is constructed of Douglas Fir from Vancouvrer Island, Stringers and clamps of spruce, deck cedar over beams of spruce, ribs of oak and laminated mahogany from Aus. Main stem of mahogany.
Addition of living quarters below performed in 1999. Detailed woodwork, galley design, chart table and finshing performed by Mark Wallace.
My involvement in Dame Patie has been in finishing off a very attractive interior and the replacement of the stem. An unfortunate situation that might have been avoided with 5 cents worth of bedding compound.

The 1967 challenge cost $2,000,000 and was funded by an Australian syndicate headed by Sir Frank Packer and represented the Royal Sydney Yacht Club. Packer had also unsuccessfully challenged in the 1962 series with Gretel, but in 1967, for the first time, several countries – Australia, France, and Sweden all announced challenges for the cup, and as a result trial races had to be staged to select the challenger. Dame Pattie won the trials easily, but unsuccessfully raced against the American defender Intrepid which won the series 4-0.

The series included a furor when Intrepid and Dame Pattie collided shortly after the start of the second race. Dame Pattie went on to cross the finish line first, but was disqualified because of the collision. Intrepid was declared the race winner.

The yacht was named after Dame Pattie Menzies, the wife of the Australian Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies.

The yacht's main frames are laminated Queensland Maple, intermediate frames are steambent Danish Ash, to which edgegrain Douglas Fir planking is fastened with silicon bronze screws. The Australian syndicate had to obtain permission from the New York Yacht Club to buy the edge grain fir from a logging company in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

She is now used for private charters out of Vancouver Island

Dame Pattie's Canadian debut in 1979 coincided with the annual running of Victoria Yacht Club's Swiftsure Lighthouse Classic where she promptly set a record for the fastest elapsed time, winning the overall trophy. Dame Pattie now displays a bold new look having undergone an extensive refit at the Sidney boat yard of Bent Jespersen. Below decks, a full interior yielding an ambiance not found on production boats. Above decks, a floating technological showcase harnessing 2000 square feet of sail power.

The 1967 Australian Challenger (vs Intrepid) for the America’s Cup. Now a performance racer/cruiser retaining all the dimensions, sail area and performance of a full 12M with a luxury interior of a Swan 65.

Originally funded by a group of Australian Corporations, DAME PATTIE, (Christened by Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies wife Dame Pattie Menzies) , represented a $2M dollar 1967 challenge against the American defender INTREPID. Dame Pattie’s hull embodies some of the finest woods available in her day for yacht building. Her mainframes are laminated Mahogany and intermediate frames are Oak. Planking is edge grain 1 ½” Douglas fir. Majority of wood obtained from Vancouver Island British Columbia, her present homeport and sailing venue. Present owner (15 years) has upgraded interior to emulate a Swan 65. (1990) All work performed by professional shipyards. Below decks is a showcase of artisan woodworking featuring British Honduras Mahogany and teak and holly soles.

Highlights: Aft Cabin double c/w ensuite head, fwd V berth, 4 bunks, Master head and shower/bath tub.Generous storage. Large professional galley. Wrap around lounge dining area. Light and spacious feel. Full 7.5’ headroom in most areas. Deluxe aft cabin. Topsides finished in a teak overlay, with mid hull entry companionway under boom. Cock pit layout allows competitive racing with the full 12M mast and rig from the 1987 Canadian syndicate of Canada ll.

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