Introduction: Owners

To collect historical and anecdotal information about owners.
Create a page for each person with a link to any boat pages that exist and a link to that page on any page where they are mentioned. Also add them to the competitor listings if appropriate.
Link to:

Examples of Information you might add:

  • early career
  • key influencers and role models (with links to their pages)
  • clubs involved with
  • boats and classes owned
  • key sailing events participated in
  • career milestones and key successes
  • influence on boat design and equipment development
  • contribution to the sport
  • off-the-water activities and behavioral stories
  • personal background, work and family
  • relations with boat builders/designers (add links if appropriate)

Guide to Entries:

  • free-form, but try to create some structure - use H2 for main headings, H3 for sub-headings and H4 for navigation headings (these will create new sections on the page)
  • if creating a new page - give it a unique name such as <surname_firstname> and a title using H1 and add a link in the alphabetical listing and any other relevant listing
  • if adding to an existing page, place the information in the relevant section creating a new subsection with a suitable title and add your source of the information at the end of the paragraph
  • if there is a lot of information, consider creating several pages, each with a unique name such as <surname_firstname_p1> and create links to these at the top of the first page and <back> and <next> links at the bottom of each page where there is follow-on information
  • some people will be both competitors and e.g designers - keep all the information together in one page or set of pages, but create links in all the relevant listings.

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