Olympic Sailing

In the lead-up to the 2012 Olympics, we want to collect as many memories as possible that people have of past Olympics (as part of the Cultural Olympiad).

Top level navigation is by year and class of boat plus a few general headings. Create a new section on the appropriate page for your contribution or create a new page and add a link to it in the appropriate place.

Also see Index by Olympic Athlete

YearLocation (Sailing Location), Country
1896Athens (Piraeus), Greece - no sailing
1900Paris (Meulan and Le Havre), France
Questionable as an Olympic event
1904St. Louis, USA - no sailing
1908London (Ryde), UK
1912Stockholm (Nynäshamn), Sweden
1916Berlin, Germany - not sailed
1920Antwerp (Ostend), Belgium + The Netherlands
1924Paris (Meulan, Le Havre), France
1928Amsterdam (Durgerdam), Netherlands
1932Los Angeles (Los Angeles), USA
1936Berlin (Kiel), Germany
1940Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan - stripped of host nation status
Helsinki, Finland - abandoned
1944Olympics suspended
1948London (Torquay), UK
1952Helsinki (Harmaja), Finland
1956Melbourne (Port Philip Bay), Australia
1960Rome (Naples), Italy
1964Tokyo (Enoshima), Japan
1968Mexico City (Acapulco), Mexico
1972Munich (Kiel), Germany
1976Montreal (Kingston, Ontario), Canada
1980Moscow (Tallinn, Estonia), Russia
GBR did not participate
1984Los Angeles (Long Beach), USA
1988Seoul (Busan), Korea
1992Barcelona (Barcelona), Spain
1996Atlanta (Savannah, Georgia), USA
2000Sydney (Sydney), Australia
2004Athens (Athens), Greece
2008Beijing (Qingdao), China
2012?London (Weymouth), UK

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