Guidance for Adding Information

Please Note: this wiki is not intended to be an encyclopaedia of all information about Olympic Sailing, but to be a means to collect information not otherwise available, such as peoples personal recollections and anecdotes.

Naturally, very few of these people will have written memoirs, so a wealth of interesting and useful information is probably available.

If you are aware of sources of information about any event or person, then please add a reference rather than repeat the information.

Do please pass this link on to anyone you know that has been involved in any Olympic event, either as a competitor, official or support team who may be able to add to the knowledge base.

If you know of a person with extensive knowledge, but without the skills or inclination to participate (which may apply to some from early events), the by all means interview them and publish your findings. Or, we have the facility to undertake oral histories - please contact us if necessary - see here for further information(external link)

Information can be entered on
  • the page for each event - this has been set up as a template with some useful sub-headings as a start - please add headings if necessary.
  • a page for each athlete - see this Index to Athletes. These can be created as required by clicking on the ?-mark adjacent to the name
  • or create a new page as required and add a link on the relevant page(s) with a short description of the page contents.
It is recommended that you enter your contribution within a sub-section in the appropriate place on the page. Identify it with a heading and at the end sign it off with your name and the source of the information, e.g.:
!!!!!A Subheading at level 5
Enter your notes
Your name | Source of information

Which will look like this:

A Subheading at level 5
Enter your notes
Your name | Source of information

That way, each contribution will be separately identifiable on the page.

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