Welcome to the BNYA Community

This collaborative area of the BNYA web site enables anyone with any information or knowledge about the history of sailing to record information and share it with the community. Ultimately, it will become a comprehensive knowledge base - but only if users contribute what they know.

You can read what others have written and make comments, add new information (written or uploaded), search for content, ask questions and discuss issues in the Forum.

A certain amount of structure is necessary to enable other users to find your contributions, so please take note of the best way to add your information and edit the pages - the structure can be expanded as necessary by any registered user.

Please be aware that this information is a wiki - this means that anything you write may be altered by another user. We'll keep a watch on all amendments and may move information or change the structure if necessary.

On a general note, links to other pages are shown in blue - if there is a question mark against a link, this means that the page has not yet been created. As sections are developed, such links may be added awaiting population with information. Click on the question mark to edit that page directly - this is the quickest way to add pages - see Help on Syntax for information about editing pages.

There are three main sections:
  • Boats & Classes
  • Hall of Fame
  • Themes
In each section, there will be sub-sections and index pages containing relevant lists from which the entries link to specific pages. For instance, in the Boats section, there will be lists of boats, such as the Metre boats, in which each entry links to a page about each boat. See the introductory pages in each section for information about how the information is organised.

Sailing is a social activity and as such its history is made up of the anecdotes and experiences of participants - so, do please add anything, however trivial, which may add to our knowledge of the sport - thanks very much.

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