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This wiki enables users to add to the total knowledge and understanding of the sport of sailing. It relies on users to build the knowledge base and to add information. To do so, requires a little understanding of how the wiki is structured, so people can find your information, and how to edit the pages, so that it is laid out in a readable form - see here for information about the syntax.

Key to making the whole wiki hang together is creating links, either between pages or from index pages - the basic syntax for a link is:

where pagename = the name you have given the page and text = the text you want to display which links to the page


The wiki is structured with general contents or index pages to point at information pages. This enables people to browse the content to see what has already been added. It also enables areas of research to be undertaken on a campaign basis to build knowledge of specific areas.

Top level subject headings are shown in the menu on the left and will point to a 'Home' page for that subject which describes what that section is trying to achieve, how it is structured and links to the index pages for that subject. If you want to add a new item to the menu - email us.

There is also a search facility to seek information within the wiki - use that if you are not sure whether there is any existing information or not.

You can:
  • add information to an existing page
  • make a comment on an existing page
  • create new pages
  • edit or create new contents/index pages
  • add a watch on a page, so you are notified of any changes

Adding Information

  • Each page has number of icons at the top right of the page - one of these is the edit button - click on that to edit the page
  • each section within a page has its own edit button on the same line as the section heading - click on that to edit just that section
  • on the whole, if you want to add to an existing page, edit the whole page, create a new section with a suitable title, enter your information and include a note about the validity or provenance of the information. Make sure there is sufficient detail for users to find your information using the search facility; i.e. not too cryptic.
  • if you refer to anyone/anything that has its own page - make a link to it so that users can follow a line of enquiry.
  • you can preview your edits before committing them, then save them when you are happy - you should save frequently to avoid losing your work.

Make a comment

  • click on the comment button at the end of the page
  • this opens a small edit window on the page itself
  • use this if you want to confirm or express doubts about someone's contribution or maybe suggest another source or line of enquiry to expand on the information

Create New Pages/Index pages

  • at the top of the right-hand column is a box where you can enter a page name and click on Create/Edit to create a new page or edit an existing page which you know the name of
  • it will open directly in the edit window where there is a toolbar to help with the formatting so you don't need to learn all the syntax(!)
  • if you add a page, you will need to add a link to it in the relevant table of contents or index page so that people can find it.
  • if it is a new subject area, you may need to create your own index page and add a link to that on the table of contents page
  • If you create a link for which there is no page yet, it will be displayed with a question mark. Click on that question mark to go straight to create that page in edit mode. This is the quickest way of adding pages, especially if you have a plan for a whole section and are creating a new index page with lots of new content pages.

Page Changes/Create a Watch

  • one of the other icons at the top right of the page creates a watch - select this, then you will be notified of any changes - click on your username to access your personal pages.
  • at the bottom of each page is a 'History' button - this will display a log of all the changes made to a page and who made them
  • in the right hand column are listed pages that have been changed most recently. A full list of changes can be reached from the menu item Wiki|Last changes

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