Introduction: Hall of Fame

Much of the history of sailing is a social history based around the people involved in creating and maintaining the boats and equipment and the competitors. We wish to collect the stories of these people - their biographies and collections of anecdotes about their skills, actions or personality.

A page (or set of pages for large entries) will be devoted to each person - if you want to add to the information, create a new section with a suitable heading, make the entry and add a note about the source of the information - see how to edit pages. Documents and images can be uploaded and added to a page.

By all means create a new page for someone not already listed, but also add them to one of the lists so that the entry can be found by others. If you need to create a new list, then do so, but also add the list to the Table of Contents in the appropriate sub-section.

If you want to add a new sub-section to the menu, then email us and we'll set it up.

Inevitably, many anecdotes will include references to other people or a particular boat, so if there is an entry for them or it, then please add a link to the relevant page - the more a network of links can be built up, the more useful the information will be to users. External links can also be added, but bear in mind that these may change or disappear.

Periodically, if someone is researching a subject, we'll put out a call for relevant information to be added.

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