Introduction: Boats & Classes Section

Central to the history of sailing are the boats that are sailed, therefore information is being collected about any boat or class of boat, sail or power, and a page will be devoted to each boat.

From an classification point of view boats change their names, or several boats may have the same name, so some basis for uniquely identifying them is required. BNYA is maintaining a database of boats which will be updated from information added here. In this database, each boat is allocated a unique number (non-meaningful) which will be prefixed to the most recent known boat name to become the page name in this wiki. For example, the 6mR Monsoon has the ID 1001 in the database, so its page name will be 1001: Monsoon. Previous names should be included within the entry and can then be found by using the search facility. If a later boat name is identified the page should be renamed using the same ID and the new name and any listing pages updated.

This means that if you only know a boat by a previous name, you will need to check if an entry already exists by using the search facility. If it doesn't exist, then create a page for the boat, without an ID - we'll monitor page additions, check whether the boat exists in the database or not from the information provided and then rename the page to include the ID.

To create a new page of boat information and maintain some consistency in presentation, when the edit box is displayed, click on the tab 'Tools' and select 'Boat Record' from the drop down box under templates. This will copy the basic boat page structure into the edit box of your new page. Click on the tab 'Edit Page' and add any information in the appropriate place by replacing the ??. It will be helpful to have some understanding of the (fairly simple) wiki mark-up language which controls how the information is displayed - see here. You can also upload information, such as pictures and documents and add them to the page - see here?. You should link to any other pages in the wiki or external links as necessary - see here for linking syntax. The last section may be used to add any additional information.

Of course, a page in isolation (an orphan page) will be difficult for others to find, so links need to be created to point at your page. A number of index pages have been created and listed in a Table of Contents, so feel free to add your new page to any of these if appropriate. If you need to create a new index page, then do so and add it to the Table of Contents page.

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