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Fredrikstad SF udlod.b. II


Class:International 6 Metre
Sail no:d/kHome port:d/k
Year designed:1908Country:Norway
Year built:1908Current Status: 
Designed by:H. I. Svenningsen
Built by:Soon Slip og Baat S/S, Oslo, Norway

Rig: d/k
Construction: d/k


Specify units
LWL:d/kTrim tab:d/k
Beam:d/kWings on keel:d/k
Draft:d/kL (Measured):d/k
Luff (A) IRC (P):d/kDate of last measurement certificate:d/k
Fore triangle (J):d/kMeasurer:d/k
Foot (B) IRC (E):d/kIRC Rating:d/k
Sail area:d/kn year:d/k


This section records what is known about the past history of the boat.
Complete one row for each change of name, sail number, location and/or owner and the year in which the change(s) occurred. The current owner is not displayed unless permission has been given.

Year acquired: d/k; Current owner: d/k

Year: d/k; Previous name: Loss II
Year: d/k; Previous name: Fjord
Year: d/k; Previous name: Don

Restorations & Modifications:

YearName, Address of restorerDetails


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Sources & References

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Registers/Yard Lists:
  • Basil Carmody's 6mR Research, edited by Tim Street & Pekka Barck : 70

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