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Class:International 6 Metre
Sail no:FIN59Home port:Helsingfors
Year designed:1929Country:Finland
Year built:1929Current Status: 
Designed by:Gustaf A. Estlander
Built by:Arendals Båtvarv, Gothenburg, Sweden

Rig: d/k
Construction: d/k


Specify units
LWL:7.056mTrim tab:d/k
Beam:1.950mWings on keel:d/k
Draft:d/kL (Measured):d/k
Luff (A) IRC (P):d/kDate of last measurement certificate:d/k
Fore triangle (J):d/kMeasurer:d/k
Foot (B) IRC (E):d/kIRC Rating:d/k
Sail area:44.363sq.m.n year:d/k


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Year acquired: 2001; Current owner: Not displayed

Year: 2001; Previous owner: Sini Cedercreutz
Year: d/k; Previous owner: added: Hannu Krohn, Harri Raikamo, Roni Saksi
Year: 1988; Previous sail no: L59; Previous owner: Pertti Koiranen, Kimmo Kienanen
Year: d/k; Previous name: Sir Ian; Previous owner: Peter Lake
Year: 1967; Previous name: Ian; Previous sail no: S29; Previous owner: Peter Ottoson
Year: 1948; Previous owner: Sten Fernstedt
Year: 1942; Previous name: Yrsa; Previous owner: Gunnar Johnson
Year: 1932; Previous name: Oldian; Previous owner: Håkan Ekman
Year: 1930; Previous name: Ian; Previous owner: H.G.Turitz
Year: 1929; Previous name: Zuleika
Year: 1929; Previous name: Marja; Previous sail no: S29; Previous owner: Gustaf Estlander

Restorations & Modifications:

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Originally named Marja, this yacht was designed by the famous Finnish-born designer Gustaf Estlander (1876-1930) for himself. At that time Estlander was living in Sweden and he had also changed his nationality to Swedish in order to get the possibility to design yachts representing Sweden in the Gold Cup and One-ton Cup races. The yacht was build by Arendals Yard in Gothenburg in 1929; thus she was one of the last designs from Estlander and also one of his masterpieces which was for several years the most victorious 6mR yacht in the Gothenburg area.

Already after half a season Estlander renamed Marja to Zuleika. With Zuleika he won all three races at the NJK Autumn Regatta in August 1929. This was the last time he raced in Finland as he died later that year. For the 1930 season the yacht was bought by H.G. Turitz who renamed her Ian. With Arvid Schulz as the helmsman, Ian won the Gold Gup in 1930. The yacht represented Sweden in the 1931 and 1932 Gold Cup races, but was beaten on both occasions by the norwegian yacht Abu.

In November 1932 Ian was sold to Håkan Ekman who renamed her Oldian although the yacht was still quite young. He sailed her from victory to victory.

During the late thirties Oldian changed owner twice but didn't change her name until in 1942 when she was sold to Gunnar Johnson. Under the name Yrsa the yacht got a deckhouse but continued succesful racing until 1948.

The next owner, Sten Fernstedt, loved the old yacht so much that he let build an all new yacht of the same design in 1955. This Yacht got the name Chibaba and it also got the lead keel from Yrsa. The original yacht stayed ashore for several years but in the mid-sixties she sailed again with a keel made of concrete!

In 1967 she was sold to Peter Ottoson who gave her the old name Ian and a new lead keel of original design. She also got her original sail number S 29 and a new aluminium mast. Her last Swedish owner was Peter Lake who "knighted" her to Sir Ian. Lake also built her a flush deck and repaired the hull, and she won races again.

In 1988 Sir Ian was bought to Finland by a syndicate of Pertti Koiranen, Kimmo Kienanen and Antti Räsänen. She got the sail number L 59. The ownership hasn't changed since although there are new members in the syndicate: Hannu Krohn and Harri Raikamo (not forgetting Roni Saksi who sailed successfully as Sir Ian's helmsman for several years).

As mentioned above, the yacht had a deckhouse from 1943 to 1985. Having stayed ashore for a long time and equipped with a Mälar-30 mast and a concrete keel she must have been in a lousy condition in the 60's but fortunately the following owners appreciated the old beauty as she deserved and laid themselves out to renovate her quite thoroughly. She got also a new teak deck to replace the original oregone pine.

Thus Sir Ian was in a reasonably good condition when coming to Finland, but at the age at nearly 70 years there were of course soft spots in the old wood. The owner syndicate started an extensive renovation of the hull in 1996; the keel batten and the lower part of the planking was replaced, and the seams of the upper part at the planking were made water-tight by adding thin strips of mahogany.

After having lost her rig in Viaporin Tuoppi race in 1993, Sir Ian got a new one, with the mast profile designed by Kimmo Kienanen. This mast profile has also been used by other 6mR yachts.

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